I cared, we lived and loved together,

We shared so many memories.

You swore to stay forever,

Told me no one could part us.

But then the tide turned,

You broke your promises,

The love I thought we shared,

Is now a faded memory.

I started to feel low,

I tried to tell you how I felt,

But you ignored that.

You said you cared,

But your words were hollow,

Your tears were false.

No longer will I be moved

By your empty promises.

Now that you’re gone,

I don’t feel bad, I feel free.

I don’t hate myself,

I see the truth now, clearly.

You played games,

But I won’t play along.

You didn’t deserve me,

And my love was wasted on you.

Now I know my worth,

And I’m moving on.

Once, I cared for you,

You were my number one,

But you took that for granted,

Now you’re gone and I’m alone.

Did you love me, or pretend?

Do you feel any remorse?

I have many questions,

But no answers, of course.

Did I do something wrong?

Or was it always like this?

I wish I had answers,

Instead of endless amiss.

Though once I cared for you,

You were my priority,

You left without a word,

And now my mind is weary.

I have questions in my mind,

But answers there are none,

I cannot blame myself,

The fault lies with none.

Once I gave my all,

My heart, my mind, my soul,

But now I know my worth,

No need to lose control.

I’ll find my own path,

Without your guiding hand,

For I have learned the truth,

That only I understand.

For happiness I seek,

Within myself I look,

No need for others’ love,

I’ll find my own good book.