I can see you’ve changed
The kiss we used to share has grown colder with each passing day
You make excuses whenever I want to spend the day
You rush me off the phone, things just ain’t the same
I remember what the old timers in circles used to say
When a woman is fed up, she leaves you in her heart first before she walks away
Tell me girl have you done the same, has another taken up my space
Show me where I missed the mark, take me back to the exact time and day
Don’t throw me asunder as though I were just another face without a name
We’ve been kicking it for years, don’t pretend that I never set your heart a flame
I know I used to be the reason you couldn’t wipe away that beautiful smile on your face
If it’s over just tell me you’ve found another man and let’s go our separate ways
I send you messages but you never reply
I call your number but I get your voicemail most of the time
I go by your house and you get mad and say you’re busy, 
It never used to be like this, girl give me the reason, tell me why
I’m man enough to handle the truth, 
I’m just sick of being your fool while you think you’re tricking me with stupid lies
Mamma taught me that to hold onto love when it’s gone, is a crime
I think this time around, Mamma might be right
So I wish you well, I hope he makes you happier than I
I’ll always love you, but I gotta be on my way, so I’m saying goodbye.