Why was is that

Orange or Red

Was the color, that swung to mind

And tinted my eyelids,

When your fine lips devoured 

The wishes of my sweet tooth

And left a stint of glycerine 

Being savoured down my tongue

Before leaving my throat unsung 

With delusions of Gin and Merlot

As mine palms consumed

An untraceable warmth

Which blossomed like bossom

Behind, your essence of a woman 

From the hips to the roots,

While the bittersweet truth 

Ran loose between those too, lips

When they clashed again Mine

As heart and mind

Raced like time 

And left un-mined 

And sadly untouched, 

And maybe perturbed enough,

The flavours of ecstacy 

Which I’d buried beneath the tongue

Unknowingly while awaiting for yours