Land of ancestors

Land of pride

Land of nature

Land that embraces tradition to be the culture that educates

Where the roots of Ubuntu are deepened

Sourcing light from the night sky where stars belay their homes of peace, trinity,and harmony

Let us dance to the sound of your tunes in drums and move to your music for nothing brings us better joy than unity amongst your people

Let us drink from the river of your wisdom that stretches in the far mountains, hills and valleys

The home of green,the home of life for trees find home in your roots enriched with love and humanity

Rise Africa,like you rose in all the defeats of wars

Like you rose in the ignobility of inequality,

Like you rose fighting for the black skin,as it glows it grows darker,

So melanin,well black don’t crack!

Rise like you rose in ashes of your devastated land with split blood and silent screams,

Like you rose educating a young African girl to carry herself out with dignity,

Rise like you rise changing the lives of Africans for the better.

Let us fall asleep to the hiss of your rivers,let us dance to the music of your thunderstorms,

Take our breaths away with the colour that lives in your forests,

The live that spreads with your deserts,

The strength that lives in your mountains,hills and valleys,

And the peace that grows in your oceans.

Rise like the sun that gives life to thee,

Let us grow like you have,

Praise your beauty,

Sing along with the trees as they wave in your presence.

Let us be carried away with the enhanced atmosphere that carries life in its heart.

Ohh Africa! Rise like the goddess you are,let all empresses bow before the land that birthed hope and healing.

Rise and shine like the gold you carry in the centre of your soils,

Like the diamonds you hide in the mouth of your truth,

Like the stars you birthed to bring light upon us.

Rise Africa,like the sky that reflects the the tranquility of the oceansgrow,go,flow,glow,prosper,heal and conquer

Rise Africa,for my heart lives in you.

Written by Vumbhoni Khoza.