It hurts to know he doesn’t care about me.

It cuts deep to know that he doesn’t give the fuck about me

It’s hard just to move on

But I know that I need to move on right now

I need to make peace with my heart right now

I need to clean my mind right now

I need to wipe my tears right now

And face him right now

I need to write a text with “it’s over.”

Because I just can’t take this pain no more

I can’t cry anymore

I can’t stress any more

I can’t take worries no more

I need to listen to my bestie right now

When she says, “Let go, bestie, he is not the one for you.”

I know she wants the best for me.

They say never trust your friends because they are the biggest snakes alive”

But I believe my bestie is the bigger.

He cheated, and I forgave him.

He lied, and I believed him.

I don’t get why you would lie like that

Don’t tell me you were lonely

Because I wasn’t lovely

I hear rumours about you

It’s hard not to believe

Because it’s like you

But I know that the pain will disappear

I know my mind will start to forget

I know my heart will begin to heal

And it starts right now

As I’m looking above the stars right now