Write when you are happy
and capture it to keep.
Write when you are sad
it’s better than a weep.

Write when you are angry,
to let the anger out.
You can note down all the things
that make you stamp and shout.

Write about the people you love
and watch the feeling grow;
as warm as words touch paper;
see how they glow.

Perhaps you’re missing someone
you’ve not seen for a while?
By writing about them,
your words can bring their smile.

When something funny happens,
that makes you laugh out loud,
write it and remember
to share it with a crowd.

If you feel a failure,
cos you didn’t win the cup,
you can write about it
and cheer the whole team up.

When night comes,and darkness
magnifies a fear,
write about what frightens you
and watch it disappear.

If,while asleep and dreaming,
you weave stories in your head,
don’t forget to jot them down
keep a pen beside the bed,

‘cos it’s a shame to waste ideas
or a special experience,
when you can fill treasure chests
with your personal documents…

So when the world seems dull and dark
and you want to shed some light,
you know the way it’s easy
just grab a pen and write!