Love is gorgeous. It brings together two beautiful hearts. People say it favors nobody, but I object. I feel love does not favor me, or maybe its just not my time. It can give you excitement before it gives you sorrows and uninvited tears. I was younger, I was naïve and oblivious but have now learnt my lesson. Never search for love, but wait patiently for it to come. Love has caused me to become reckless, wrecking myself with no fault. It damages you without you knowing it. If you want love, you should have patience and be emotionally secure. Your time will come. I was desperate, I was broken. I would like to thank God for showing me what happens with love. I have seen movies and shows and it looks easy. It looks beautiful and I think the problem was that I did not look at the negative sides but only looked at the positive sides. But I trust I will make better decisions and have learnt a lot so far. And learnt never to compromise or sacrifice my happiness for love, it will slowly kill you inside and only later will you realize. It distracts you from important things in life. It makes you forget about your beauty inside and out and can damage you psychologically. I only realized now that the only reason I use the word love, is because I seek attention, which I could say, cut me deeply. But I now know better.