1 Being born with a vagina,
2 A South African pandemic.
3 Unable to jog early since,
4 A creep is browsing you.
5 Incapable of a noon jog,
6 Predator might be looking.

7 The culprit approaches,
8 The innocent, timid.
9 Pretentious in being nice,
10 Just to get him to back down.
11 Regardless if it is day or night,
12 No womxn is safe!

13 Once you get out of the house,
14 Every movement is a calculation.
15 A pity that homes, sometimes.
16 A sentiuary they are not.
17 They fibbing about dress code,
18 Stop blaming the oppressed!

19 Walking down the street.
20 The opposite sex,
21 Every single one of them,
22 The oppressor they seem.
23 No one is safe!
24 Young, old. Male, fxmale.

25 We did we go wrong?
26 South Africa!
27 Do something! Wake up!
28 Enduring unemployment,
29 We are, a pandemic we are.
30 Something must give.