Dark room of rage
That brutally assassinates
Toxic nature corrosive to my heart as it penetrates.
As it sneaks within my world all it does is to cripple my mind state.
My heart is trying to elope but my mind struggles to emancipate.
As I collide with the enchanting terror of my weak days.
The delusion of modern doctrines strikes to me as dark fate.
Oh this cruel rage!
A growing fungus in the brain.
As it spirals through the horizon of my soul all I feel is pain germinate.
Wild cold that should be tamed.
Wondering where is God during this forsaken times as I am growing frail.
The wicked shadows that cause premature death.
To the torture of self defeat I have fallen prey.
It’s useless to breath fire if the soul is in ashes.
Thy cruel sneaked into my veins and started to replicate.