Being left out in the desert?

Where is the one she used to call “My dessert”?

She’s left out in the middle of nowhere

Looking everywhere for help

And couldn’t find anyone to call and tell😭

He took a ride on her

Now he took a ride to nowhere

And her pride is gone

Her shining diamond stopped shining

Sadness and loneliness relocated in her

Her pride left with her happinessπŸ’”

But will she wail till eternity?

Can she ever forget this barbarity?

Yes, for he only stole her virginity,

nothing but her virginity. For now,

now, she rebirths her lost integrity …❀️

For as the sun shines after the eclipse,

now she has her integrity mixed with dignity

to obliterate that bad peculiarity

caused by a living two-feeted soul full of stupidity.πŸ’”