When the sun hide the darkness start, the fear start. I call God to be with me and surely He will be with me but the fear keeps haunting me. In my dreams i keep praying and praying trying to defeat fear,and when i woke up in the middle of the night, i freak, look around thoughts”am i dead”,no its just a dezziness from sleep that got me. I just close my eyes and pray until i fall asleep.

And the sunset again. I look outside” the new day has come” keep hoping life will get better day by day. Wishing to be somewhere in the world doing something that will inspire my mind about life. But life keep holding me back to my home.

The day pass,the sun hide ,the fear start. I call God to be with me and surely He will be with me. Begging God to give me a better life. I keep praying until the sun rise again. The day come, it has nothing for me and the smile on my face vanish so quickly. The negetiveness and depression become my friend”the world is tough but why on me”

The voice from the side keep fighting with the little hope i have about life, that’s onother depression. The voice from the other side keep encouraging me to have faith and keep going. Life without hope even five seconds is difficult to survive. That’s why i choose to have faith and that’s i’ll keep smiling until life ends