Sometimes we feel like we are exhausted

But the truth is,

We are not, but we are finally at peace.

Our mind’s are always

that when it finally stops

We mistake it for fatigue.

But sometimes the reality is,

We are not tired; we are at peace,

But we have tricked ourselves

Into believing that we are fatigued,

Because we are unaccustomed

To the sunshine of serenity.

I know it’s hard

But one day, you will taste the tranquillity

You desire and deserve

One day, you will find your silence.

Trust me, I have.

And I found mine in a book and a mighty deity.

This is my first poem, and I hope you will relate to and like it.

I pray you to find the peace you are looking for. And if you did, please share your peace and your journey to find it.

May God bless you, and Merry Christmas Eve.