How can’t I

believe this?

I can’t unsee this.

Maybe I’m dreaming

I might be sleeping

but I’m definite,

that luck has struck

along this very hour

despite these secs going by

For once

the moon disperses

and the hens, rehearse

You will wake up

from this

favorite dream of mine

and You

will walk out

from these imaginary blankets

and walk off

Onto your great reality

without me

Before the melodic stairs

aided by your singing voice

take you down


a happy path

of smiles, beyond

my short-lived kisses

could grant you


the grave-silent elevator

takes me up;

as I face my gloomy grim,

In its eye-puzzling mirror;

Towards the top floor

Where I will

step off the edge

and fly through

my favorite memories of you

before landing

at the supposed path

Of your happy life

without me

Just to show you

that I loved you