People ask me why spirituality
It’s not something I picked out for myself
I found myself being connected to the mysterious
Ways that come along with it.
I sometimes feel like I’m crazy going through my path
But I know from my past experiences that its my path,
The past, present and future align together
Funny how we never see it like that but who you were
Makes the person you are becoming.

People ask me why I believe in such phenomena!
It breaks me knowing that they are missing out
Yes! It’s hard to believe because it’s something
You feel than see a lot,
To think about it Yes you can also see the wonders that happen.

This is my journey and how I was able to find God and build myself spiritually.

Past present and future

There am I, as I take a glimpse look at myself
No it’s only a vision, but there was I playing
Alone with a smile on my face.
Yes that’s my inner child and she looks happy
As I walk towards her just to have a clear look
I notice that she knows me as I lift her up and
Tell her how much she means to me.

Baby I care about you and love you so much