I decided to take a walk & see the world..
there’s alot of action happening & I decide to mind my own
I see alot of people & for my sanity , I play music from my phone
I scroll through my playlist & play a song by Christiòn, full of smoke

I see a couple in love
it’s wedding bells & flying doves
the cover each other’s hands like gloves
oh they are so in love

I pass the lovely couple to a group of youngsters in a fight
some don’t deserve that kind of look, but I mean, who am I
they keep showing off their violent tricks, some think it’s bright
where is the light, it is dark ,
blood dripping from the nose, eyes swollen like the bottom of a rose
as they got angrier , their demons rose…posture changed & devilish they posed…oh , I move

I come across adults in a street meeting
I pass them with a sincere greeting
oh , tarvens , they go along with brothels
I’m not judging, it could be a place of peace for one
it could be a place of liberty for some
it could be a place of solace , a place of happiness & a place to destress
I see everyone singing along the lovely song
they are drunk & very happy..
Argh, they get aggressive
why are they fighting ? aren’t they happy ?
it took one grumpy person to ruin the joyful moment
I move

I see fellow friends , I pass them & pretend to be in a hurry
I meet fellow churchmates, I can’t stay , I’m in a hurry
I’m always in a hurry , why is that ?
because I’m a passerby