Our strike has just begun
For the journey of our bodies
We have to be impulsive (to act suddenly)
For what is happening is new to us
Women of my country we are at war

For we have no one to turn to
Beside ourselves as women
As we continue striking,
We will take impute (charge) of our bodies
Bodies inalienable (cannot be taken away) from us by force
As my say for my body is FINAL

Our voice need to be heard
As we want JUSTICE,
For all women killed out there,
For all women raped out there
And for all women being abused out there.

This is our importune (urgent request)
For all voices that are inaudible, (cannot be heard)
For we will impute and get justice,
For all women abused, killed and raped
Together as women we ain’t impotent (powerless)
But together we have all the power.