I’m sorry for all the times that I let you down
All of those times you were down and I let you drown
Every time I said things to hurt your feelings 
And when I was not there when you needed healing
I am sorry but I know it ain’t enough
we had a dangerous love but I gave it up for space and fucks
And in exchange, I lost your trust
And it kills me to know 
that someone waited all this time just for me to let you go
I remember all our times together
although virtual, you shined whenever
we spent time
and I would do whatever just to visit you and me again
cause I know I’d do shit different
cause girl, you’re magnificent 
and I know I can’t fix this I learnt that long ago 
Cause I know you aren’t easy to impress you know how to hold your own
still, I shoulda helped you and been there to support you when you fell
and honestly I hope you do well
and after this I’m gone
and I can’t believe I’m nearly crying while writing you a song
I remember telling you how crazy about you I was
and you related but then I scared myself off. and I’m sorry
I know you won’t forgive me and I know you don’t care anymore
and that’s all I deserve
And I lied. I am pouring my heart out. But not for anything in return.