What is our differences?

What is the difference between us?

How do we both feel currently?

We feel differently

You feel free from all your angles

And I feel caged for a lifetime

What is the difference now?

If you can look straight into my eyes

You will see only watery eyes

You can see pain in me

You can see a lot which you cannot change

Although everybody can see

Even though I try to hide it

But hard times can never be hidden

Only those who is focused can see what is in me

Not everyone can probably tell the story behind my sadness smile

How many times did I try to wear a smile?

You cannot convince a face to pretend happily

You cannot lie to eyes

Only matured enough can tell what is happening

What is the difference between us?

I play a happy life

And you are forever happy at always

There is a difference

I can see!

Until one day

I will be myself

And my mind

Will be forever mine

I will just keep counting seconds

One day I will be me!

One day I will rise

I will rise above the mountains

I will be me again

I will be free from what caged me now

Do you see our differences now?