Or maybe all we ever needed
was a minute to tell one
another about
How we really feel about
each other.

But I guess time was never
On our side maybe
That why we chose to die
Silently, with bleeding hearts
Bleeding from love that was
Never told.

I guess, all we needed was
Just a few seconds
Just to confront one
Another or maybe
We wouldn’t have died
Silently with our hearts cold
Bleeding and
Longing just to find love.

Maybe all we ever needed
Was love to ease those pains
Made by those who really
Don’t believe in what
I have for you
I guess you never knew
Maybe that’s why you
Chose to die cause
I wasn’t too good
Enough for you
Or maybe just maybe
But what can we say,

‘Love is not a choice’

Isn’t what they say
Isn’t what they believe or
Maybe the question
I should ask what do
You believe
I guess you never knew
Maybe that’s why
I’m singing maybe