Both gates are open.

Hell and Heaven.

What am I waiting for? I’m

Waiting for nothing.

I’ve been wanting this and

It’s not happening.

Why am I not dying?

I’ve been trapped in this Corpse and 

I can’t find another way out.

The one I found seems too far

To reach.

If only I could summon Death and 

Let him take me.

You can take me to him though, so 

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and kill me! Isn’t this

What you’ve been hoping for?

It doesn’t matter ’cause I don’t wanna

Live anymore.

Why would I stay alive when I got so

Less to live for?

I’m a useless robot without any proper


Why did I become human? Out of all

Possible organisms!

God I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m tired of

Breathing through a heavy chest.

Let me say it all, including the rest.

I’m living but I’m not alive.

There’s a difference.

They say there can be no smoke without a


But they’re wrong, a spark too can release smoke.

I guess my life isn’t a spark but an uncontrollable

Volcano since all I see are ashes.

Carved onto my heart is sadness with episodic

Eruption that’s never anticipated.

Lord forgive me, but I’m tired.

I carried on walking because I thought that

By this time I’d be long retired.

That’s not the case so that’s why I want to die.

I’m glad that there’s no such thing as human


I may be immune to so many illnesses, but I

Am mortal too.

So many people have died so let me have my 

Chance too.

You got my attention, kill me you can have my 

Body too!

If only I could summon Death and 

Let him take me.

I’d be on my way to peace and stop 

Roaming these lonely rooms of my

Restless mind.

I’m asking you to kill me, I hope you 

Don’t mind.

By: Ntobeko N.Tee