The way our lips touch
Helps keep our love from straying

Ever so gentle and exploratory
As if our petals are straying

It is so hungry like and athirst,
That bodies then get intimate

Just like an automatic firing rounds
Our tongues delve in our mouths

And thrust themselves deeply
Making a hard-on ignite quickly

On you I start suckling hard
Over your forbidden stiffened bud,

Drawing its tip–
Licking and teasing between each hip

You tremble,
And all my soldiers assemble

War is waged from your collarbone
Down the richness of your breasts

Whilst my nestled machine gun
Seductively penetrates the depths

Grinding and grinding….
I start firing and firing….

You moan and whine
As I shatter every defense line

Damage done to your bed and sheets But all started with just one kiss.