Oh dear men,oh dear men.
What have we done to hurt you so much that you have to brutally kill us?
Even the work men originates from woMEN
The word male is there in feMALE
We are all one
We all breath and have feelings.

Buyephi Ubuntu benu?
Yini ukusibulala okwezilwanyana,
Besingekhe sihlale phantsi silungise izinto nje ngakuqala?
Sihleli nje soyika kwa isandi sendoda.

The women of today live in no peace,
The children of today find their fathers and uncles,
Their brothers and cousins scary.
Oh dear men,what have we done?

Are you killing us because of the saying that we cheat?
Or are we a sacrifice to you?
Today we are even scared to be on the streets.
Oh dear men, what have we done?