This Is Ironic , Because It Is A Chronic

I Am Entitled To My Opinions

But All My Opinions Makes Me Cry

Like I Am Chopping Onions!

I Have A Right To Say “NO”

That’s All A Lie!

Let Me Wear My Tie.


Now I Can’t Say “NO” To Vaccine

You Can’t Say “No” To Vaccine

My Right Is A Left Light , Left Light

Is A Darkness. Your Right

Is A Left Right , That Makes It’s Wrong!

NO Is Just A Contrary To the Predicament

All These Are Said In The Parliament


They Tease Us Blacks

They Release Our Backs

They Hid The “Right To Say No” In The Book But I Found It

With Just One Look

Get Out Of My Hook.

My “NO” Means Yes

NO This Is A Mess !

 That’s Tremendously Sad.