“Motherland screamed”

While her daughter was being raped by

The old bearded men,

She drowned in tears,

While blood was like river in the house.

“She sobbed in pain.

One door to another the man left them

In terror.

Her beautiful African thighs were covered, by a red dress flowing down her legs.

Her body parts were torn apart,

Her heartbeat skipped a rope twice before

It can stop.

Why me?

Slowly … She walked to the bathroom and

Took a bath, memories are one of the things God gave as a gift.

Walking to the dark room made memories

Slash up and down, side to side.

Tears rolling on her soft chubby cheeks.

Her smelling the perfume of the old man

Who abused her, she wiped her mouth several times.

To bed, she went with scratches of nails, torn body parts and blood dripping making her white bed red and wet.



# it doesn’t matter when it happened

# women need protection

#without females the Earth is nothing