No destiny
I won’t take this as the end, there is no beginning? In misery, I stand before him. Tears flowing in my cheeks with no end in sight. How can I explain this plight? A great man who was once seen as a potential among his brethren. What kind of sin, could one do to deserve this misfortune? Surely it must be the sin of his father.
Sleeplessness night above, the mind detached to unconsciousness parallels of the unknown. Side to side, pain is the constant feedback to his heart below. Upstairs serotonin having its way with him. How can he be a man of ego and confidence?
I live not for the pleasure of Destiny, man seem to always find similarity and patterns to him that’s Destiny. Even if it would be so, mother nature is always the score holder.
In debt, I cry before her. How can one escape this misery and darkness beneath my soul? Poverty is my portion indeed. Give my food to last breath, my lord who is poverty in him shall I Ley it all at once.