I lost myself, my well-being
Who told them my name?
Who knew about me?
I never dreamed about it
I never planned it
I miss who I was…
My own being, my life.
This is not a joke be aware
Loneliness is not a joke
Spending hours waiting for you.
You need to be taken off too
Think about losing myself for you.

My newest world
They say there’s life on it
Should I believe it?
Is he knows about it?
Who told you?
Why have you chosen me?
Must I believe you?
Newest world with vultures
Please protect me.
Protect me from evil spirits
And from my enemies
Should I trust you?
Or should I trust both of you?

Who’s gonna keep my soul between you?
I love both of you, you save my life
But who should I praise the most?
Teach me everything about this world
And about myself too, show me things
Activate my third eye and keep it stronger.