There was a little girl called nancy. Her favorite toy os her doll. Her doll’s name is nora.

Nancy loves her doll very much. She plays with her doll every day. She brushes her doll’s hair. She sleeps with her doll every night.

One day, nancy could not find her doll. She looked everywhere, but could not find nora. She looked under the sofa. Nora was not there. She looked under the bed. Nora was not there either. Nancy got very worried.

Nancy’s mother was washing the clothes. Nancy did not know that her mother took nora to wash her. She hung the doll outside to dry.

I can’t find my doll,” cried Nancy. Don’t worry,” said her mother.

That evening, Nancy’s mother gave the doll to nancy. The doll was very clean. Nora looked like a new doll!!

Nancy jumped up and down she ran around but most importantly she thanked her mum