Today I woke up feeling very heavy and I felt like I was worried about something

After all it was my birthday, I wanted to be happy and I was waiting for my birthday presents

A month before June

I told everyone that my birthday is coming so I want my birthday present

One of my favorite brother’s said,

“Don’t ask me for a present, I will surprise you.”

I was waiting for my birthday to come so that I can see my surprise

Exactly on my birthday I received a phone call from my mother telling me that my brother is no more

I couldn’t believe it

Couse I was talking with him a few days ago

He said he will come and celebrate my birthday with me on Saturday

I remember in December he was drunk from the 24 of December until the 31 of December

I guess my surprise from him was he’s death

RIP to my brother

And happy birthday to me

30 June 2023