As he exploits and imposes upon my innocence 
The body frozen like verglas glaze, 
The mind encrypt with illusioned trauma
Words kept roaming and foaming but yet helpless
As he penetrated, taking my innocent and dignity 
The mind protected itself from inculpation mixed with remorse  
Rubbing away the pain of self-reproach and anger, 
Try to justify the depth of regret instilled within
The words “You enjoyed it” kept ringing, 
As it eases the vile vexatious vehement remorse 
As thoughts roam “Why did you let him do that to you” 
Vernacular Demons of guilt kept begging for silence
As I justify unjustified pain and let justice take its course 
Then blamed my parents for not teaching me how to say no, 
How to defend myself rather than leaving it in God’s hands,
 Learn how to fight, be strong;
Absolve and free glaucoma in my unjustified suffering