These days I’ve been caged in a cell, I never thought I could even step foot in, nor take a quick look into it.

As impossible as I thought it could be, it became possible, easily so.

see, I’m afraid to be in love.

I’m afraid to love you.

I am more especially afraid to be loved by you.

Maybe if Love was so simple as, a,b,c, then I wouldn’t be so afraid.

As beautiful and precious love is described as

No one ever said it has no toxicity

I’ve learned that the most precious things in the world have toxicity within.

see, if I become to love you

and you become to love me

then, that means I’m busy preparing to crawl back to that impossible cell I hate to be in, the very same cell that despise me and forced me to hate myself.

The very same cell I fought so hard to get out of.

I’m afraid to be loved by you.