The blood oazing from my melanin skin
It’s redness covers my black skin giving me,
A two color skin just like indigo, l am not known
Whether l am blue or purple
Looking up at the clear blue skies my eyes glitter
Tears make home right in my cheeks
Blocking the beautiful view right in front of my eyes
The green color of the trees and the grass
Showing me that life is a beautiful gift to get
But just like orange and yellow we can hardly tell the difference between the two when they are far apart
Color blind to life we are
The spectrum of my life and the sorrows l carry
As the violet of day
draws to a close, I remember all this color was given to me by those who wanted to deem superior than me
Little did they know
The mistakes of my forefathers
Would be corrected through me
I am person of color no
I ain’t black
I am all colors
I am red in blood
Looking up at the blue sky
Orange is sun setting at sunset
And yellow it is during the day
I am green for l still breath and carry life in me
I am violet as the day
Closing up this poem
I am INDIGO the mixture of all colors
The spectrum is me, I am not the spectrum
The rainbow got its colors from me
Brown in appearance l seem