It’s a happy celebration 
A time for recreation.
Every day you bring light to my face,
Not allowing anger to leave a trace.
How you brighten up my everyday,
To recite my love is all I want to say.
What I am feeling right now,
Got me kicking out the frown.
Makes me want to take a bow,
Knowing nothing can get me down.
Food of feasting in my mind,
Leaving the distractions behind.
I want to have a smile,
Upon my grinning face,
Because it will take me a mile,
And frowning will be put in a case.
Now today I smile so brightly,
Seeing not only at the end the light.
Eventually, it stopped raining,
And the water that once flooded,
Is now ending by draining,
Sun removed the darkness that clouded.
Upwards is where I’m headed,
And the past is kept for reference.
Courage with me right-handed,
Happiness is always my preference.
I am alive, I smell reality,
When I am used to crying,
The thoughts of my mentality,
Enhancing because I am smiling.
All the time I was hoping,
Down is where I emerge from,
Thought that I was not coping,
To only find I was picking a dress for the prom.
When I started my eyes were shaped with a tear,
And all the good things that I dreamed to hear.
I found my lost voice,
Don’t even care about all the noise.
The pride of my glowing hair,
And the spring in my steps,
And the colour of my skin all so fair,
Movements that improve my steps.
It glitters up in the sun,
And melts down any gun.
The weapons that are directed,
To me will change course,
And the outcome differs from anticipated,
Where nothing is found to define the cause.