My rescuer

You came into my life

At a time I had no social life

You became a friend

And you gave me a hand

Helping me to defeat loneliness.

You gave me the best days

That I would cherish always

Yes we only met twice

But I will always remember your face like we met thrice

You had a special place in my heart.

Yes we only talked via the social media

And you became my social pillar

We talked almost everyday 

And I thought about you day by day

I thanked the Lord for you.

You also helped me with my self-esteem

You were there when I needed to blow off some steam

Thank you for making me believe in myself

It’s like you have magic powers like an elf

Don’t let the awesomeness fade from you.

You became a part of my daily routine

And I wished I could keep you in a tin

So that I would pull you out whenever I needed you

But that’s not possible because you also needed you

Thank you for being cool.

Your texts made me happy

But I didn’t want to seem naggy

So I let you be free

And I sat in one place like a tree

Waiting for you to text me.

You said that I completed your day

But you didn’t text me everyday

Why was that?

I wasn’t not complaining but

I was sad because I missed you.

Thank you for becoming my saviour 

Even though at times you acted a little crazier

You were seeming like a happy person

You came with a beautiful lesson

 And I’m thankful that you rescued me.

You’re gone now

I want to forget you but how?

You left without a goodbye

That hurt me deeply I won’t lie

But I’m happy that you were once part of my routine.