A young woman, kgarebe
Born and bred by Basotho
Growing in a digital pandemic
Where fame is prevalent
And respect is non-existent
Only the past can save me
I reign from Mapungubwe Hills
And bow at the Cape of Good Hope
From the longest strain of my rough coiled hair
To the bottom of my big black feet
My DNA screams ‘Africa’
My ancestors call my name deep within Drakensberg
My descendants shall gaze upon my footprint at Isandlhwana
My spear strikes fear into my enemies
I ignite the fire within my people
I embody the melting pot of nations
They say I’m ‘born free’
But I’m born captured by foreign arts
I stumble and crawl through the web
Moshoeshoe rises within me
Ripping me from my despondecy
Baffling my oppressors with plain honesty
Respect, reliability, reality
I am a young woman, ke kgarebe
Born and bred my Mzansi
Beaming in the African streets
I disintegrate the standards they set for me
I fight to preserve my heritage
I am Lebohang
And the name says it all.