I thought you saw your eyes
that I have an other side of my love life

I saw you were cold hearted
Then strange things started

You did understand
But you did not who I am

We had a long conversation
But they was no solution
Well you said it is a leave or stay situation

The first day we met I said I will die
for you to be mine
Now you acting like you are nine

Don’t take me a fool
I asked you
Is it me and you
Please tell me the truth

You know I did sacrifice it all
I even went into some rough walls

Must I leave or you shall go
I think now I know

You don’t even answer my questions
I regret why I took action
with you

What ever you do
I will not have anything to lose
Coz I don’t need you
I don’t need to choose

I was confused by the words you said
You said
You love my swag

Just go to him
Stop playing me