Bars are reinforced by steel and concrete. Steel bars crossed layer upon layer hold back the sponge in my head.

I scream yet none hear me, I cry yet none see. Pain governs my mind as I punch this concrete wall. My hands bleed, my heart slows, my throat closes.

Sit alone while clouds greet as pass by, they too do not stay. Sit with head in legs and heart in hand as an offering for freedom.

This room i sit alone in, breaks my head, heart, and my soul. This 5 wall room with a window big enough for one eye breaks me.

The tears I shed, serve as the water that sustains my life. The words untold serve as food for my soul. The clothes on my back serve as a bandage to hide the scars.

Blue skies but red eyes, white clouds but a black heart. Peace outside, but war inside.