I don’t understand love anymore.

Love tricked me in many different ways,

I’m easily falling for the man.

I get disappointed all the time.

I still believe in love and want more

It’s like I never learned a lesson.

I tell myself I’m done with love.

I’m not done. I keep wanting more

I’m single, but it’s doesn’t feel like it.

I’m living in the jar, surrounded by love.

I try searching for love, but I fail.

Man, I want to be rich but have 2 to 3 kids and an old.

I don’t know why I’m obsessed with love .

I’m too desperate to love and to be loved.

I never give all in my previous two relationships.

I want to be treated as Queen

I want to treat my man as a King

I want to be comfortable and committed now.

Somehow love is my weapon,

Maybe I am using love to hide my scars

Maybe I’m not ready to love

Maybe I’m using love to distract myself from the pain I’m feeling.

I want to be happily married and have children.

It’s just that I haven’t found Mr right