You you’re the reason why I have sleepless nights my love.

You are the only hope for me on this planet my love.

You are my chilling zone

My cosy blanket on a rainy day

I love you in from the core and button of my heart.

You are so beautiful, humble, kind and down earth

I will always love you from the beginning, start, and beyond everything

You are my love

My heart is always calling on you my love.

Your heart is good for me my love

Your soul is where I belong my love

You body is good for me my love

You are my angel I see on earth my love

I love you even though the high struggle.

I love you even when you far away from me.

I love you even when you upset

I love you in every path of my life

I love you, and I will always love

I love even when there is no hope for me.

I love you from the sky, and forever

You love is the connection of the universe that reject darkness.