My shoes shine
better than my future,
I guess that’s what
they said but
one thing they don’t
know is that my
future shines better
than the cruise under
the midnight sky.
Wanna know why?
because my future
is not in my
hands but in
my school bag waiting
for me to rhyme
a little bit on it
and at the same
time using it.
They said the
Right one will
come but I
think mine got
hit by a truck
I don’t
need to attend
the funeral because
his future was
not eternal.
They dare me to care
but I don’t have time
I said.
They are sad because
they wish I cared.
I wish I was
old enough to make
the captain of the
cruise jealous of
my brighter future.
Setting more colourful
lights on the cruise
changes nothing because
my future shines brighter
than any Hollywood star.
New Motsepe will be
me, because richer than
Bill Gates I’m going to be.
I know someone
to light up your way,
Jesus is his name.
Now forget about
the way and
back to the future.
Writer, I don’t
want to be,
but it seems like
that is me.
New Shakespeare
I’m gonna be because
59 lines is what I did.