It was your sunshine, the wind didn’t matter, and the joy was raining, you received that joy, but still it was taken away from you, a tear dropped from your eyes, sadness covered your face, I am there to support, but your pain pins my heart, I can’t look into your red eyes, full of water, but this is my message to you, God knows why He gives and why He also takes, a wealthy man Job lost everything he owned, not only that but he also lost his children, but what did he say? “I was born with nothing and I might as well die with nothing” he said, he gained double his blessings, today it’s you crying. I understand what you are going through, may the good Lord strengthen you, you will pass this path, don’t stop walking, it is the other beginning of your journey, I didn’t know that it will go dark so soon, but always remember that light will always overcome darkness, my condolences to you my dear friend.

The tears drops from my eyes
My heart forget it’s beat speed
All I hear is a voice
It doesn’t have words to make sense
The smile is fading away
What is the different between gain and pain
I can’t understand
There is so much confusion
The tears drops from my eyes.