My First Lover
What is a first lover ? According to people
your first is the person whom you first started
dating in you life. What if it wasn’t true love ?

My first love was actually my tenth girlfriend I
was with, She is my first lover because she was
the first to love me unconditionally. What made
everything possible for us to last longer than
expected is that we never bored each other,
we never lost communication as it is vital in
a relationship. She poured her heart out for me
and that were I was hit but guilt. So I was also
supposed to pour mines for her.

She tought that real loves comes with objective
that need to be met but people who are both in a
relationship. The love I experienced in that particular
relationship was never to be compared with the previous
relationships I was in. As this love had no boundaries even
a married couple couldn’t catch up with us. It was wonderful
everybody knew that I am hers and she is mines. It was rare
to see us fighting in public all we did was that we tackled
problems together and we over trusted each other through
out the relationship.

My first love was wasn’t the first person I date when I
started dating. She is the person who showed and gave
me real love. So please don’t confuse and contradict
yourself. If you haven’t experienced true love and you
have been dating, it simply meansyou haven’t found your
first lover yet. Even if you have been dating, the person whom
you started dating with is not your first love. Only those who show
and give you real love are to be called your first lover.