Finally, I made it,
I made it to the top.
I achieved my goal
I am now at the top
I arrived at my destination,
I now have everything I wished for
But where are you my family?
Why did it have to be this way?
I chose to disobey you 
I gave you up for my dream,
I fled away, now I am scared to come,
Back home.
I wanted a fast life without you
I thought you were holding me back
Where are you now my friends?
I never thought about this at first
I used you as my stepping stone.
You tried to warn me of this,
I never listened
Now I realised that it’s lonely at the top,
I have everything but no one,
I cannot find joy without you.
Is this what happens when you
Choose to give it all up?
Is this what it means to be alone?
Is this what I really wanted?
Am I normal in this state?
I lost it all for wealth
I am at my destination
I can’t enjoy this at all
I am going back down.
I am going back to my parents,
It is lonely at the top