WARNING This piece refers to suicide and abuse.

In the beginning life was fun,
But as time passed it became hard to describe,
Parents have turned backs on their own children,
Some are even mistreating one of their children,
Even the rate of suicide has risen incredibly.
All because of parents who aren’t parenting right,
They have become a boundary of hatred between siblings,
Leading to siblings killing each other,
With me it’s a different tale,
Everything I do is not seen but every mistake they see.
In public, I’m all smiles,
Not showing the pain in me,
A pain intentionally inflicted on me by my parents,
Parents who don’t see any worth in me,
Even the way they look at me shows how unimportant I am.
Someday I pray to God asking for love and tenderness
Some days are for seeking never-ending peace and trust,
I’ve never sought vengeance until I heard my heart crack,
None of them gave a damn,
My demise shall open their eyes although it’ll be a bit too late.