On that summer day we met,
Down the river.
Wild birds singing praises.
The sun busy smiling down to earth.

Then a living angel came before me.
Asking if I were a student or passing by.
“I’m a new student dear”
Then I smiled shyly.

Even before knowing your name.
I could see how strong you were.
And in my thought I said,
This is beauty with brains.
The type of woman I want.

But on that day I couldn’t even voice my thoughts or feelings.
I just had to carry that heavy bag.
Leave my destination and follow yours.

Then after a week we met again.
At the restaurant Nathan.
I didn’t know if I should great or just pass by.
But then you waved.

Being offered a sit next to you was an honour.
I felt something new and exciting.
Then I truly know how much.
It wasn’t my first time being in love,
But with you it was something else.

You looked at me and smiled.
Asked my name for the second time.
“Elelwani” I said
You smiled and shyly you said.
” I thought you were lying”

In my thought I want back.
How could I lie,
While there’s this volcano inside.
This ticking bomb,
This butterflies inside my stomach.
Only if you know dear.

You’ve not only taken control in my heart,
But my thought and mind.
My nights, I can’t close my eyes without thinking about this face.
My dreams, all I see it’s only you.

I felt something moving from my head,
My heart then my legs.
Ooh she touched my hand.
And asked if I was okay.

I nooded.
Inside wishing I could screm,
Scream from the bottom of my lungs,
And tell her I’m going crazy.
I’m crazy about her.
I’ve loved before but now I truly know what is love.

She ordered then we ate.
The kind of woman.
She was eating like crazy.
As if I wasn’t there.
“My wife please eat like a woman”
I smiled, I’ve just met her but I was more than sure I’ll marry her.

If it wasn’t a week, it was 2 or 3 weeks later.
We met again.
And this time I wasn’t meeting a stranger.
A girl I met at the by the side of the river,
Coming from home, back to campus.
But my love.

My darling Aluwani.
An intelligent woman.
A genius, I asked her to tutor for science.
When I was knowing everything I was supposed to know.
My aim was to know her better and I did.

A year later we celebrated our first anniversary.
Not only was she smart but romantic too.
What is love without the cream and cherry on top.
I felt loved and I was also in love.

Our love didn’t only grew.
We grew,
Befriended and celebrated.
Not everyday is Christmas.
But we voiced our inner pains,
At the end find solutions.

Two years later I was sure.
More than sure.
It was about time.
I popped up the big question.
She said “YES”.
And I was more than blessed.

Is she only a genius,
No she is a friend.
Is she only a lover,
No she is a sister.
Is she only noisy,
No but a shoulder to cry on.

My heart skipped a beat.
My mind, ooh I wish it’s not a dream.
It wasn’t surely.
It was her.
My beautiful bride.
My African Queen.

“I knew it from the day I met you,
The day we met at the restaurant.
I became more than sure,
Not only that I loved you.
But that I’ll be loyal and truthful to you.”

She smiled,
And I met every word.
For me she wasn’t just a woman.
But none of my bones.
The one God specially made for me.

The wedding gown.
It was specially made for her.
Lion roared from somewhere in Africa.
Wild birds singing praises.
And my in-laws were ululating.

I knew not everyone was happy with us.
But does it matter?
No it didn’t but our love mattered.
Her happiness matters.
And our marriage will last I swear.

Was it boredom.
Wasn’t she exiting enough.
I don’t know.
But something happened.
I can’t explain it but it happened.

Spending time together was just for.
Our opinion differs.
Our conversation bored.
We started to become friends than lovers.

The night in a hotel,
With a stranger.
Trying to forget my boring marriage.
Alcohol on my car.
Getting drunk daily.
Trying my best to forget my pain.
My infertile wife.

Sometimes I cried.
Were did we go wrong.
With all the money, big house, assets.
But unable to conceive.
No doctor could help.

We prayed and slowly we lost faith.
Five years of marriage,
With all the achievements.
All we wanted before having little ones.
But it was all pains and sorrow.

She noticed that I don’t care anymore.
I don’t love anymore.
Without knowing,
She took away the precious souls.
Our little Andani.
And her warmth soul, she left me all alone.

The world pain.
Where did I go wrong.
Whom did I wrong.
I didn’t had any answers.
But in the warmth of her last letter,
I managed.

Dear Elelwani.
Not only did you loved me but you made sure I was happy and healthy.
On that day we met.
I knew from that day,
We were meant to be.

You streched your arm for me.
You took the pain from within.
Not only did that drunker took my virginity,
But also my fertility.

I didn’t had the strength.
Or was I scared
Or was it because I thought you’ll think I’m filth.
I couldn’t.

I was told a week after,
After that horrible night.
One I wished I could forget.
I was just 15, I was a baby.
He ripped me apart.

I screamed and screamed but no one helped.
Until he was done and left.
With all the money my father had.
He could fix my heart,mind or that day.

Until I met you.
You enlighten my life.
You bought me peace.
In you I found a home.
Which I wish I could rest forever.