Thousand billions words, but no single word I could say properly.
It’s not only because I’m lost in words because of lies I want to form, but because of joy.
If I wait for a moment and recall all the bad and the goods that happened in past few years, I’ll be filled with happiness, remembering all the goods and amazing moments we shared. It’s true, memories never fade.
If I still can recall all the moments we shared, would it be so hard to recall all the heroic acts ?
Surely not !

Wait ! Wait a moment !
Surely I’m not dreaming.
I remember her standing all your way up to protect me, oh ! I’m such a cry baby though.
I remember her breaking the silence between my brother and I and I remember her calling out for peace between my sister and I.
I was lost in words, for I know that if it was me, I could’ve ran out with a fear and a sad face, because I know I’m a coward, Yes ! I’m a coward, surely many have noticed that.

At times I’d wonder if I really have her back, because everytime she’s the one covering me and protecting, countless times. That is why I should call her my hero and my Bravest Friend, I should keep her.