Thank you ,for being my good friend.
Thank you,for being there to understand.
Life is too hard,too complicated.
but for some reason you heal the infuriated.
Yes I’m talking about you.
Nothing does life like you.
The melodies,the harmonies
the good ,the bad ,I never thought about it.
You yes ,you are my true best self.
I can rely on you,you never hide yourself ,and here’s what’s funny
NO ONE can judge you .
Sunny made bubbly,you are
untouchable,yet we can feel you.
I feel you everyday.
Understand you in every way.
I dont need to stress up an oath.
Yep cause my ears don’t need no clothes.
You are the one I can rely on
no matter where I go you will fly on.
Take me through the universe
take me through the galaxy.
Make me see what is diverse
make me imaginary
I may never thank you enough
but know from dawn till dust .
You’ll always be amusing.
My soul,my life ,my friend is MUSIC

Music and my Soul