Mr death

Mr death

How are you, I’m greeting


I fear you

I respect you.

You are merciless,

You make sure to pick

The flowers of the prestige garden,

The cream of the nation,

The pearls of our hearts,

Our most gracious and precious ones.

Rest in peace.

You were the grace of my spirit,

The pride of my soul,

The bracelet of my heart.

You fought, like an injured Buffalo.

It pains me,

It triggers me,

It tears the seed of my comfort apart.

When I remember the painful death you have undergone

Your death has left a big hole in my heart.

Your blood is frozen,

Your eyes can no longer see,

Your ears can no longer hear.

The soul you have laboured for,

You are gone,

Gone to the unknown world,

The world beyond my imagination.

Rest in peace,