I love to watch the moonlight, as it plays upon the ground..

The way it strikes the snow just right, and sparkles all around.

Showing us the way to talk, and playing in your hair..

It shines just so and then it shows, our breath upon the air.

Our love is like the moonlight, it shows us where to walk..

On nights like these within these trees, it listens to us talk.

I pledge my love to you this night, with witness from above..

I’ll be just like our moonlight, and cover you with love.

I’ll softly chase the shadows, that may haunt you in the day..

Then when the night is calling, I’m here to show the way.

Like creatures of the forest night, that venture forth on wing..

The moonlight our music, forever it shall sing.

So dance with me tonight my love, and throw your cares away..

I’ll hold you close and keep you safe, till the coming of the day.

So when the shadows lengthen, the day has slowed it’s pace..

I’ll live again, and the I’ll send, the moonlight to your face.