I can never forget what he did to me

All those memories keeps coming back at me

I don’t know why, but I cant help it

Whenever he mistreats me

They hunt me over and over again

I can not express my feelings or say anything,

Cause that’s how I am, I bottle things up

And they eat my soul and heart deeply

But once I’m alone

I remember everything

From the day I begged him not to do it

To the days I found them together

It is a pain deep into my heart that makes it heavy

Memories that my mind and heart cannot fade away

Too hard to forget or control

But what can I say.

It is said, “Its my fault, that I started it all”

Even though it’s not

The hard part is just to accept and deal with it all

By that moment I felt like my head for stuck in the water and I couldn’t breath

And what’s more painful is that my love is deeper than the pain and memories