Maybe I was too soft for this world

Maybe I was too sensitive

Maybe I was too weak

Maybe those were the reasons why this

World has broken me the way it did

Maybe this world has never really accepted me

Maybe it has never understood me

Maybe it has never loved me or cared about me

Cause it knew that I was not from it

I was just a visitor here

Maybe it was meant for me to go through all the things I’ve been through

All the pain, the heartache and the humiliation

All the nights I cried myself to sleep

Maybe I was thinking too much

Maybe I took everything way too seriously

Maybe I saw, heard and felt too much

Maybe I was expecting too much too early

Maybe this world couldn’t give me my heart’s desires

Maybe… Maybe it all just became too much for me to handle

I was drowning in my sorrows, depression and anxiety

I was sinking deeper and deeper into this

I always found myself asking what the people are going to say about this or that

What are they going to say if I do this or that or if I’m going to wear this or that

Not realising that I was only hurting myself and losing myself in the process

Maybe I was drowning and there was no one who could save me

I have scars on my arms and on my heart

Each one has its own story

Maybe… maybe it’s time for me to leave this earth

And go and live with my Heavenly Father

Oh how my soul have been longing for peace and love

And to be happy again


FunDza note: Here are helpful contact numbers in a crisis or if you need to talk to a trained person:

SADAG Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567
SADAG Mental Health Line 011 234 4837
Lifeline 0861 322 322/ 011 728 1347